„Unleash your potentials!"

  • Your are an entrepreneur, board member or top manager in a medium-sized enterprise? Your company faces a special sit­u­a­tion of radical change and you are required to realign your business activities?  
  • Our clear mission is to provide sustainable improvement to management performance and profitability of your company.
  • Terrahe & Associates supports your company in developing a business strategy and repositioning your business model, de­vel­op­ing a corporate sustainbility strategy and the consequent im­ple­men­tation through organizational structures, processes, systems and defined projects.
  • Our unique value proposition is the integrative approach with consistent involvement and utilization of the knowledge of your employees and partner.
  • The primary function of management is to unfold the potentials of your company and your employees - the function of the management consultant is to support you in this task.

With us, you may take this literally…

Christoph B. Terrahe